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Personal. Vienna is my birth town, my mother was a farmer's daughter and my father a language teacher (Latin and Greek). After marriage a son was born 1983 and a daughter was born 1985, 1991 I got divorced.

Professional. After medical training for general practitioner I stayed in hospital and became a blood transfusion specialist. After my work as a full time resident I resigned in 2012.

Obsessional. Since childhood, finding ideas about animal and human behaviour became a life long, truly interdisciplinary, independent project.
Konrad Lorenz, Humberto Maturana and Thomas Sebeok
"imprinted" me theoretically and deeply impressed me personally.
Since the Second World Congress of Semiotics in Vienna 1980 I kept close contact with biosemiotic issues.

General. If you locomote your "life-line" is getting longer with every step.
Your unique personal story-line is drawn by the center (of gravity) of your body through space and time, see: What is a storyLokomotion macht Geschichten.


The bias

Vertebrate evolutionist. We humans inherited our body and our basic behaviors from fishlike ancestors half a billion years ago: fleeing, hunting, mating and competing all the wake time.

Comparative ethologist. Training: A childhood in the countryside with insects, farm-, pond- and wild animals, also butchering; a lifelong professional experience with one species, homo sapiens, as a doctor; and a second study, zoology, incomplete…

Endo-neuro-theorist. Though nervous systems evolved and develop by interaction (see the "other" theory / "Andere"), subjective states, experiences and phenomena happen only within neural structures (German).

Flow theorist. An animal lives permanently in/through a sensorimotor continuum, humans experience that flow when they (let) loose their rational superstructure (English, German). We can not explain "living in flow" scientifically because data are immobile.

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